The Big Day

The Ceremony & Reception was held at The Addison in Boca Raton, FL on Dec. 23, 2017.


Feel free to share in some of our favorite memories since when we first started dating May 9, 2015!

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Wedding Gifts

Your gift to us is your friendship and love. If you wish to shower us with even more love, we are registered at the following stores.

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He Proposed

On Thursday, November 24, 2016, Darren proposed to Brooke. It came as a complete surprise to Brooke.

Brooke and Darren were surrounded by their mothers and step-fathers, Darren's Grandma Lottie, Brooke's brother Lance and Uncle Steve. Brooke's mother Esta said thanks for the beautiful gathering and Darren retreated to the bathroom, where he had hidden an engagement ring.

The day prior, Darren published a poem on Facebook celebrating Charli's first birthday and, upon returning from the bathroom, convinced everyone that he felt obligated to also write a poem for Brooke to give thanks for her being in his life. Then he dropped to one knee, and the rest is history.


The Poem

I'll focus these thanks on my partner in crime; By my side for celebrations, relaxation & even equine.
Uncomfortable without you, calm in your space; Hand in hand for any obstacle we face.
I thank you for always being up for some fun; But ready to go home when down goes the sun.
I thank you for putting up with me at my best and my worst; And constantly putting others first.
I thank you for being a caring mom to our little Chaw; Always providing a treat when she gives you paw.
I'm thankful that you have a Harvey and an Esta; Together they really are the besta.
I'm thankful that you are driven and wise; You never take your eyes off a prize.
I'm thankful that you watch sports with me; And sometimes laugh so hard you can't control your pee.
I thank you for putting me above the rest; Of many qualities, this is one of your best.
I thank you for continuing to give a chance for us; Even though you aren't afraid to make a fuss.
I thank you for the love you display; For the kindness and jokes you say.
Thank you for loving me; Thank you for bringing glee.
Thank you for making my dreams come true; I am completely in love with you.
June 2015
June 2015

Our Story

Brooke and Darren met in high school. They are not quite sure about the first time that they met, but it may have occurred at a pool. Anyhow, you could consider them "friends" at Nova High School, but they were in different grades, rarely spent time with each other and spent time in relationships with other people.

Brooke went UCF and Darren went to UF for their undergraduate studies. But they share a love for the Gators. Darren went to UF for law school as well and Brooke received her masters in Accounting in Gainesville. While they were both in Gainesville together for a short amount of time, they didn't see much of each other.

They both returned to South Florida to start their professional lives. They discussed meeting up at Jewish events and even ran into each other a few times during lunch or late night at La Sandwicherie. Darren made a few attempts, when they were both single, to meet up, but Brooke was a tough cookie!

Eventually, timing would work in their favor. In May 2015, mutual friends (and now married couple) Kyle and Jacqui Sorel suggested that Brooke and Darren meet up, thinking they would be a "good fit." They met for Happy Hour at Grille 401, followed up the next evening with watching Kevin Hart live and the rest is history.